PAINing POORtraits

65min • Coming Soon to a Film Festival Near You

The Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba has been called the first artist of the 21st Century to offend and enlighten the masses through his 'unspeakable art.' A painter, trickster, social critic, and controversial public performance artist, Leyba is a folk hero, loved and hated by many.

'PAINing POORtraits' follows Leyba as he reclaims and re-invents his work, giving friends and muses alike the opportunity to destroy his paintings. In his examination of Destruction, Transformation, Reclamation, and Rebirth, Leyba takes on various enemies, from ex-lovers to the Monsanto Corporation, even himself as the Hero/Fool.

The film is an allegory for every TRUE Artist who creates and is a renegade to the system, fighting globalization, celebrity, consumerism, governments, multinationals, and the growing ineffectiveness of today's activists.

Coyotel Filmography

$15 DVD

Conceived & Manifested by ACT & LEYBA
77+ min • NTSC • Region 0 • NC-17

UNITED SATANIC APACHE FRONT began a series of performance, paintings, and musick addressing the Monsanto Corporation’s War on Food and its use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). Showcases of the CodeHEX became spectacles of magickal warfare, allowing audiences to offer their own grievances in Death Altars and public destructions of art. Collaborating with Arizona-based visualist & occultist ADAM COOPER-TERÁN, this DVD Disc is a synthesis of what projected during the CodeHEX shows: an hallucinatory collection of video rituals, animations, and remixed propaganda from Monsanto. TO BE VIEWED & USED AS A MAGICKAL ARTEFACT-WEAPON
What Is Art?
$15 DVD

Directed by Steven Johnson Leyba
140min • NTSC • Region 0 • Rated R

Awareness (Mindfulness)
Authenticity (Genuine)
Intention - Action - Unique Markings

A documentary by the controversial American painter / writer / performance artist, Steven Johnson Leyba. Defying the world's post modern premise that "everything is art," Leyba not only dares to ask, "What is Art?" but also "What is TRUE ART?"

Featuring interviews with artists H.R. Giger, Chris Trian, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Howard Bloom, Joe Coleman, David Aaron Clark, Barron Storey, Mark Bode, and more.

Unspeakable $13 DVD

Directed by Marc Rokoff
82min • NTSC • Unrated

Documentary about the underground artist Steven Johnson Leyba, a man who is a priest in the Church of Satan, a Native American activist, and an infamous performance artist. Leyba's unconventional life is revealed in a frank, personal manner that diffuses the shock value of his more startling behavior. The film documents the private blood rituals, the profane art, the performances, and other oddities but doesn't wallow fecklessly in them.